Dance Unlimited

Why Choose Us?

 Reasons To Choose Dance Unlimited as YOUR PREMIER Dance Studio

Time and Effort

Our studio has been established and in business for
23 successful years!!!

Quality education with great teachers

The best education starts with the best teachers. Dance Unlimited offers professional dance training from technically trained teachers. Both Ashlie and Christie have earned their bachelor of fine arts degrees from East Carolina University and they find it a vital tool when teaching and demonstrating. We serve as a positive role model to our students and genuinely enjoy being a part of each dancer’s success. 


Our curriculum is flexible and our classes are fun. Dance Unlimited has fine-tuned its curriculum for all ages and levels to create a perfect blend of technique development and challenge. Our youngest dancers have a fabulous time in class with their teachers as they learn an incredible amount of terminology and technique without even realizing it. Our classes for older dancers are tailored to suit their needs and dance aspirations. From the most serious performing company student to the child who wants to dance while playing sports, there is something for everyone.

Smart Teachers

Our dance teachers are professionals who understand the body and this aids us in keeping our dancers injury free. If students are not trained properly in technique or are consistently attempting skills that are beyond their technical ability injuries can occur.

 Annual Performances & Professional Recitals

Each Winter, Dance Unlimited students perform the "Nutcracker".  Our beautiful costumes and outstanding backdrops only accentuate our ballerinas as they sweep you into this Winter Classic. We are so proud to present this Christmas tradition to the community. Along with this tradition, we also have our Annual Spring Production. Parents can rest assured that our performances are well organized and build on technique already learned in class throughout the year.

Quality Costumes

Dance Unlimited will always choose from the most elite and trusted costume companies and bring to you beautiful and well made costumes.


Dance unlimited always considers age when selecting the appropriate choreography, song choices and costumes.

Organization is Key

Dance Unlimited  will always be organized! Whether it is Nutcracker season, dance production season, or just pajama week, we will keep you informed. Monthly news letters and weekly updates go home with your children to keep you abreast of all Dance Unlimited news. Around Production seasons, an abundance of packets and letters will be going home to ensure that your child is dressed and ready for the upcoming shows.


Dance Unlimited offers the Young Artist Program. This program is designed for students who have the interest and dedication to study dance (mainly ballet) to its fullest. Auditions and extra weekly classes are required.

More Classes

Dance Unlimited offers Adult and College classes! Just because you have graduated doesn't mean you can't dance! We offer adult ballet, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. 

Guest Artist

Several Times a year we will have master classes with
professional Guest Artists from around the world giving our students more opportunity and exposure to different dance styles and techniques. 

Coming Correct

We believe in teaching correct dance technique from the very beginning and that dancers of all ages and ability benefit from the most experienced and educated teachers. That’s why Dance Unlimited hires full-time instructors with degrees from high-caliber dance schools. This ensures our students receive top-notch training in a variety of styles of dance.

The Beauty Within

Dance Unlimited strives to build each students character and self-esteem, while teaching them a technical art in a positive, nurturing, and supportive environment.

Parent - Teacher Experience

Dance Unlimited prides itself with creating relationships with parents and students. Through collaboration with parents our dance teachers are able to offer the best possible dance experience for their children.

Dot Dee Scholarship!

Dance Unlimited provides a scholarship annually to a student who has the passion for dance and the dedication to learn it to their full potential. The Dot Dee Jones Slaughter Dance Scholarship will be given in memory of Dot Dee Jones Slaughter who taught dance in Farmville for 50 years. We acknowledge her contribution to dance and how she shared her love for this art with the community of Farmville.


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